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City of Everett Housing Action Plan Community Survey

The City of Everett has posted a survey asking its citizens for input regarding housing issues as part of the housing action plan.  We encourage everyone to participate by taking a few minutes to fill out the survey with their thoughts.  Save Wood Creek Everett is sharing this survey because as part of the work to preserve Wood Creek and the surrounding forest, we have been challenged with inquiries about our stance on low-income and supplemented housing.  As a group we are simply focused on the preservation of Wood Creek and the surrounding wild space, so we want to be sure that you are all encouraged to speak for yourselves regarding housing in Everett.

The deadline is tomorrow afternoon, so if you have thoughts and opinions on housing in Everett, please let them know!

Thanks folks!

The survey URL is found at:

More information about the survey can be found on the City of Everetts webpage:

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Our partnership with Forterra explained by the Everett Herald

From the Everett Herald:

EVERETT -- Wood Creek's forested ravine is set for further evaluation and study this year by the city and an environmental nonprofit.

No decisions about its future have been made, but people across the city and beyond can have a say in it.

Everett is working with Forterra to re-evaluate the land's soil stability and potential uses. Once that is determined, the city intends to get an appraisal of the acreage -- which could remain an unmanaged urban forest, become a passive recreation area like the unofficial trails already there, or have small sections sold and developed for housing.

The city and Snohomish County are paying Forterra to lead community engagement starting this summer. That will include conversations with neighbors; residents across Everett; Snohomish County, which owns about 10 acres of adjacent forest; and the Tulalip Tribes. The feedback will help determine funding and long-term land use options for Wood Creek.

The partnership was a hopeful sign for Valley View residents who asked the city to keep the property undeveloped.

"It's moving in the right direction, but it isn't a promise. I'm aware of that," said Lois Bell, a Valley View resident since 2015 and committee member for Stewards of Wood Creek Everett, a group that formed in response to the city's consideration of the property as surplus land. "Ideally we'd like it to be preserved. In what context, that's to be decided."

The full article can be found at

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Stewards of Wood Creek Everett Mission

To protect and preserve the Wood Creek forest for future generations through conservation and stewardship.

Footer Logo The City of Everett has proposed the sale of about 92.5 acres of undeveloped green belt property. Wood Creek lies in the valley between the Valley View and Eastmont neighborhoods. Wood Creek was the main source of drinking water for the city of Everett between 1898 and 1916, until the Sultan River water project was completed. The land and the creek is a critical habitat for a variety of animals and wildlife. Additionally, the land is unstable and many parts of the land are critically sloped. This group is for anyone opposing this proposal and for trying to preserve this critical land.

Everett's Original Watersource: Main Wood Creek Reservoir in June of 1909.

Everett's Original Watersource

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