Contact the City Council with your objections to the sale of the Wood Creek property.

Here are some of our tips and suggestions when contacting them:

We urge you to send your objections via email, or call all 7 city council members, and other department leaders as necessary.

If you're speaking on the phone, be brief.

Refer to the language in our petition or use our additional reasons to oppose the sale.

Don't use all of the reasons, pick a few that best resonate with you.

When communicating:

  • Include your name, address, and neighborhood
  • Be calm
    • Our energy needs to be professional
    • Present to build support for our cause
  • Be concise
    • Think in sound bites to be remembered
    • Keep it simple
  • Be clear
    • Speak from what you know
    • Put facts before feelings
  • Be collected

Adapted to the web from Babby Skowyra's Power-Point Presentation